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The same argument could be made about any highly-profit illegal enterprise. Buying a yatch with dirty funds in the country were you pay taxes would be a mistake. Illegal funds should be laundered if you want to use them like this, which can certainly be done if you have a lot of money!

This doesn’t apply to people who commit tax fraud and do not buy a yatch every year. It is relatively easy for them to get by unnoticed.

I was under the wrong impression that dynamic IPs were not good for relays because I thought that the system would identify the node as brand-new each time that my IP changed, but now I see that this is not the case! After looking a bit more into it I think that it will be a bit more useful if I run a non-exit relay instead of a bridge. I will pay attention and if I see that the demand for dynamic IP bridges increases do to massive censorship I can make the switch and hope I can reach the right people.

Thanks a lot for looking this up! It is a definitely a fun way to learn, and always nice to contribute even if it is a little.

Good to know! I will see if I can find the method because I do have a dynamic IP. Actually, I chose to make a bridge rather than a relay because I thought it dynamic IPs were better for bridges.

Should my newly setup Tor Bridge node be getting traffic?

I am learning the very basics of networking and I am trying to set up a simple Tor Bridge node in my home pc (Arch Linux). I have set ORPort to 443, and set up port-forwarding from 443 -> 443. I set the bandwidth limit to 30 MB/s, and bursts of 35 MB/s, and set the Bridge option. I start tor using ‘…