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Lastpass and all those centralized pass stores scare the shit out of me. I don’t care how secure they say they are, hell even if it’s been audited, it’s still a giant bullseye for any hacker to get everyones passwords and bank accounts.

I’ll stick with keepass and syncthing ( self hosted bitwarden is also good ).

They’re frantic rn. Everyone’s tired of stagnant PC development for years, and now we’re gonna have a deluge of arm laptops in these next few years. Really exciting stuff.

I think one of the reasons might be that cheaper rear cameras might not add that much cost, or that much space.

Ya I noticed that too. Apparently nvidia buying arm is “innovation” somehow. But it at least does do a decent job of outlining some of the political struggles involved in US companies trying to gobble up non US ones.

Its currently 78 MB. That’s a list of pretty much every torrent that has at least 1 seeder.

I responded to them over there, we’ll see if they’d like to either make a libgen community here, or make their own instance.

Yeah might be in a custom repo. They said they’re adding it to f-droid soon.

I think they just added it like today.

Didn’t use json because it’s not as compact a data store In a csv, you only name the columns once, in json you have to name every field.

Sql isn’t a very good for store for git, unless you have a migration system which should really only be used for data structure, not actual data. This does build an sqlite file from the csv so the server can do smart paging and such.

I made that btw ☺ . One of my other projects.

I agree it is incredibly annoying. That mixed with linux’s awful bluetooth headphones support pretty much make me want to use it on mobile alone.

Ah whoops, my bad. Could you make a shorter title, and add an icon?

Very good article. It got me thinking about so many of these platforms thrive on negative emotions and obsessive or addictive actions. The psychological trickery they use is the most insidious to me, bc of course they hire psych phds that we’re no match for, and we’re left picking up the pieces of why we feel angry or distressed after spending a few hours online.

We gotta try to do our best to discover and mitigate the worst aspects of social media, everywhere including here.

You don’t need to add me to the admins, but I’ll join it in a sec.

I like the jolly tape one, I’ll see if I can find that.

Sure thing, what’s your matrix room link?

edit: also updated the sidebar.

Yeah I found that strange too lol. The fediverse as a whole is much less tolerant of racism / fascism than the social media giants.