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What are your thoughts on rear-facing cameras on tablets?

The front facing camera is definitely useful, especially in the work-from-home world, but why do so many tablets still have a rear-facing camera? Even professional/enterprise oriented ones like the Surface line has them. Most tablet cameras are terrible compared to smartphones, with the exception of…

Good point. It could easily be solved by the OS just asking you to confirm after scanning your fingerprint.

Actually, I just thought of this drawback: payment, in-app purchases, opening password managers, etc now use the fingerprint scanner for authentication. If an app is asking you to authenticate, and you go to turn your phone off with the power button, you could accidentally authenticate when you didn’t mean to, which is a security risk.

Nvidia is already a behemoth that has way too much power in the tech world. Buying Arm would only have made it worse.

Maybe this is just a quirk of how I type, but when I want to press the ctrl key, my pinkie just feels around for the key on the bottom left corner, so it not being the ctrl key really messes with me.

What are your thoughts on fingerprint scanners on the power buttons of phones?

I think the Sony Xperia phones was one of the big proponents of this, where the fingerprint scanner is on the side, integrated into the power button. I never had an Xperia phone but I always thought this was a good idea compared to having it on the back or having it where the home button would be, s…

To anyone who uses Thinkpads, what are your thoughts on them swapping the left Ctrl and Function keys?

I got a Lenovo Thinkpad recently and this part of the keyboard layout is really messing with my muscle memory. But since Thinkpads had always had this going back to the IBM days, before I rag on it, I want to know what other people think of it. What benefits does it have, and do you personally like …

He can still be convicted of his crimes while he was in office. Impeachment happened when he was still president, this is just the trial phase of that.

This is why I use an open source barcode scanner. Not saying it’s impossible for them to be privacy abusing, but there’s a huge disincentive for that in open source, and people will just fork it if it does.

Do you think compute module based modular devices will ever take off in the consumer space?

I’m a really big fan of the “compute module” or “system on module” concept, where the processor its supporting components are on a standardized PCB that can simply be plugged into a device designed around it, which will have all the non-compute components. [The Raspberry Pi is available as a compute…

Are Windows tablets dying?

I’m a huge fan of tablets for their portability while on the go, and my favourite is Windows tablets because they’re a full fledged computer that I can even install desktop Linux on (which is to me a really important feature), but it seems that Microsoft is the only one making tablets that has any s…

Then there are cases like SourceCode. He does post a lot of entries from viva64 (which I admit I do not have simpathy for) and cppcast, but he also appears to have a couple of saved posts and moderates three communities. While those blogs are a bit spammed for me, he also appears to be an active user, not just a spambot. What take would you get in cases like these?

Just took a look at the account: That’s honestly right at the edge of the grey area. They could be spamming, but they could just be trying to share things they like, even if others don’t care for them. I’ll keep an eye on the account, but personally I don’t plan on banning them right now based on what I’ve seen.

If you mean me editing my comment to add more information, that’s just how my brain seems to work. I’ll write something, think it’s done, and minutes later think of something else to add to it.

@sia@lemmy.ml, I remember you had an issue with another blogspammer being banned, so I thought I’d direct you to this rationale.

I thought I’d share my thought process of moderating stuff like this both for you and for future reference:

Blogspam is kind of a controversial topic. It basically involves accounts seemingly made specifically to post links to a specific website, usually with the intent of generating ad revenue. I personally think it’s spam and should be removed, but it gets into a grey area, because simply posting links to your own website isn’t spam, but doing it insistently is, so it becomes a problem of where to draw the line. You can also run into problems where it’s hard to tell if someone is intentionally spamming or if they’re just enthusiastic about the content of a site.

Though I think if the site they’re linking to seems intentionally designed to generate ad revenue or collect data, or is otherwise exploitative/predatory, then the threshold for when it’s blogspam should be much lower than a site mainly designed to convey information.

In this case, the fact that the user only posted links to one site with no other posts or comments, and the site requiring you to sign up with both an email and a phone number to access the information landed it soundly in blogspam territory in my opinion.

I’ve banned them for blogspam, which is against the rules.

Seeing how it was panned from day one and they never fixed any user complaints, yeah.