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Nextcloud has this really lazy business model. Essentially they launch a skeleton of a feature and then hope the community will do the development for them. There’s so many unmaintained features that it’s makes the service quite unreliable beyond file sharing.

I don’t really get this. They’re essentially picking up their toys and going home. I guess their plan is to rely completely on word of mouth? Good for them.

Looks like The Intercept is cleaning house now that Glenn Geenwald is gone. Seems like they’re becoming another State Department backed Bellingcat type publication…

The Russian ships can lay 1km a day, there are 126 km in the Danish waters left to be laid. Without interruption they’ll likely have all the pipe laid by August…

Maybe, actually I know nothing about the apple ecosystem but on android it would just involve sideloading the apk. Gab is going to start selling phones with GrapheneOS loaded for probably a huge markup. A fool and their money…

ahh that would be so dope to capitalize on conservative boomer ignorance.

Hopefully she moves to Mastodon

U.S. House introduces impeachment article accusing Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'

Does Trump not wear this as a badge of honour? “Yeah I was impeached or attempted impeached because I fought the establishment and they tried to get rid of me because I fought too hard.” or something like that? This seems vindictive and polarizing for a guy who’s leaving in 9 days. Trump is the wors…

TIL the fediverse has been around for a decade.

IMO with apps like Lemmy, Mastodon, and Pixelfed becoming useable for the non-technical users in the past couple of years I think we’re at the beginning of exponential growth of the Fediverse.

Lack of influencers/celebrities on the fediverse is why it’s adoption is low. Someone important would have to make a conscious choice to only use Mastodon/Lemmy/PixelFed, etc. instead of Reddit, Twitter, Instagram. There would be the other challenge that if someone did do that, someone might create a bot to repost their tweets, or set up an instagram account to repost their photos, etc. With the inertia that exists it will be a slow process. I think Lemmy and Mastodon have a good shot just by the communities they are building.

But then you have things like that Star Trek celebrity trying to use Mastodon and being bullied out of the software because of a militant trans community. That could also be problematic for adoption if there are social barriers being put up to entry.