In August, Facebook purged a number of anarchist news organizations and left-wing activists from the site under the guise of a larger ban targeting far-right extremists and QAnon conspiracy theorists. Following the ban, a group of anarchists created…


I was ready for it to be bad and it wasn’t

the article or kolektiva? :P


the article :) I only see a couple of people from kolektiva ever RTed onto my timeline so can’t speak to that yet

yeah I’ve been watching submedia(one of the kolektiva founding collectives) videoes for about a decade so I was pretty sure it was gonna be good ;)

I been helping for some time, our anarchist hacker video show is there now enterily since it started, and I can say they say plural because is NOT just mastodon but also peertube and other decentralized services… this is why I think they speak with that tittle.

The far-right’s migration is an unfortunate side-effect of Mastodon’s decentralized model.

I wouldn’t say unfortunate, but I like how the author gives some clarity/expands a bit later on. Thanks for the share, enjoyed the article!

For a moment I thought it was a new software. The tiltle of this article should be “Inside Kolektiva, the Mastodon instance built by anarchists and activists”.

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