Explains nicely how they’re chosen for visual subtlety but how they are actually less practical for superhero antics than a chunk heel. …

The BBC Test Card - Britain's First Meme?

My documentary thing I made about the history and cutural impact of the television test card. …

So, while the Gravel Institute’s videos are kinda US-centric, I think that you could apply the issues here to the housing situation in many western countries. Although about 10% of NYC students being homeless shows that the US handles it much worse than many of their international counterparts…

In the corporate training arena, the courses that the instructional designers develop are uploaded to a Learning Management System(LMS). The 39th episode of Office English gives an overview of Learning Management Systems - https://youtu.be/r9OMvfQw_uE

Neat vids from youtube or wherever. Rules later

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