OpenAI creating music in the style of...Nine Inch Nails

Can’t wait for your favourite artist to release a new album? OpenAI’s Jukebox has been making music “in the style of” your favourite artist. I looked up Nine In Nails and the OpenAI jukebox came up with a little diddy called “What do your nipples look like?”…

Is this really the right way to share music with each other?

at the moment the vast majority of the posts on this sub are links to youtube videos of songs, which is in my opinion unfortunate for several reasons …

synthy and sampledy version of the nutcracker

I really wish this were on Spotify, but it’s not, and Spotify sucks for artists so that’s fair. …

My Boo by Brasstracks

I have seen these guys live twice and they kill. Sometimes you see someone perform and you immediately know, Ah, This Is A Musical Genius, like Jon Batiste or Chris Thile. That’s these guys. They were the opener the first time I saw them and the crowd went nuts. …

digital fusion: a genre definition with spotify playlist

I love this stuff. The sounds of artistic constraint transplanted out into a fuller-timbred soundscape… …

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