Support / questions about Lemmy.

Could blocking\hiding communities become a feature?

I want to browse Local\All to discover new content\communities I don’t know exist but some communities (like memes) I know I don’t want to see so It’d be helpful to be able to “block” them so I don’t see them on Local\All. …

How do I mute certain instances and/or communities from my feed when viewing All?

Like the title says. How would I mute some instances from appearing in my feed when looking at All. Same goes for communities too. I don’t want to completely block the instance such that I cannot see people who post from them…

Getting 'no slurs' error on post

Hi, I am setting up a danish site. The word ‘sl*t’ means ‘to complete’ in danish. Whenever we make a post with that word, we get an error saying “no slurs”. And the post is not accepted. …

Shouldn’t lemmy automatically create a community the same name as a user on sign up, for future federation with mastodon?

If lemmy created a community the same name as the username when someone signs up. You could follow a lemmy user and then when your on mastodon (once we’re federated with mastodon) you could see their self posts in their community as a mastodon post and vice versa…

Lemmy emails are ending up in the spam folder in Protonmail

Just wanted to give a heads up for this. My thoughts are that it might be because of the .ml domain name, or it might be because the emails are both automated and very simple, which might look like spam to the filter…

Something odd with the Lemmy rate limiting.

I have all the proxy_set_header directives in nginx, including the new ones just added in yesterday or the day before.

Can I reset my password?

There are plans or there is a password reset system?..

Links not wrapping

On mobile ios some links are not wrapping and are blowing out the width of the page (see attached). If you want me to open an issue in ui let me know but this is probably stupid safari. …

Not showing url images

My Lemmy instance is not showing URL images of the posts like this example mising image

How to disable the guest access mode

Hi, I know the default is to have open information for everyone, but is there any way we can disable guest mode on a single server for more private discussions?..

How can I add danish language?

Hi Lemmans/lemmings/lemmians? This project looks really interesting and I’d like to setup a danish test server, how can I add danish to the UI? …

Frequent 304 gateway timeout errors

Has anyone else been getting 304 gateway timeout errors when trying to browse Lemmy lately? For me it has only happened when first trying to load the single-page web app, after which I have never experienced a problem with it making API calls…

Support / questions about Lemmy.

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